Databases Free access to high quality on-line chemical data

HazMix® is unique in using wiki-based deep web spiders to provide FREE access to high quality on-line chemical data bases. When combination with Classification algorithms for Supply (CLP) and Transportation and intelligence based SMART logic this powerful tool dramatically increases compiler productivity and confidence in the overall quality of the SDS product.

The databases to which FREE access is given include the following:

  • ECHA’s extensive on-line Registration (50,405 dossiers on 13,052 substances as of April 2015) and Classification (116,000 substances) databases using deep web-spiders are made available through Wiki-based deep web spiders. Rest assured in that all access has been formally approved by ECHA.
  • German Government GESTIS on-line databases of DNELS and PNECS, dust explosion data and glove protection/ handling advice.
  • GlobalMSDS’s extensive internal database of over 13,000 global chemical regulations using Wiki-based search by substance, CAS number, regulation, topic and country. These have been extracted from the internet by GlobalMSDS and are maintained free of charge.
  • Occupational Exposure Limits set by 59 Countries and Biological Exposure Indices set by 8 countries across the world with Wiki indexing to comprehensive CAS number listings for generic entries.